Friday, November 16, 2012

Fantasy - music video by DyE

Ah, for the days of Thriller. A wholesome teen romance with a werewolf, followed by a synchronized zombie dance number. Remember when that was the scariest music video in the world?

Now check out "Fantasy" by the performer DyE. The song's from the album Taki 183, produced by Tigersushi Records. It's a mellow bit of electronica that doesn't overwhelm you so much as subtly work its magic on you. And the storyline of the video is almost as wholesome as Thriller. Four teens (two boys and two girls) break into a swimming pool one night to go skinny dipping. Not G-rated fare, but it's the sort of rite of passage we all went through growing up, like having your first beer or sneaking into an R-rated movie. The sort of wholesome transgression that's expected and actually kind of healthy.

Well, that only runs for one minute and forty-five seconds. Then the sick stuff starts. And your first guess is wrong. Way wrong. And no matter how bad you think it's going to get, that unholy sunrise is worse than anything you thought you were going to see walking into this show.

The video is Not Safe For Work (NSFW) and Not Safe For Just-Before-Bedtime Viewing (NSFJBBV?). Thus warned, check it out on Youtube. If you like the music, check out DyE's Facebook page or just pick up a copy of Taki 183 at Tigersushi.

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