Thursday, May 31, 2012

Parlour Party in Midnight Echo 7

The Australian Horror Writers Association has released issue 7 of their official magazine, Midnight Echo, today.   It's "The Taboo Issue" and one of my stories, "Parlour Party" is included among the taboos.  This is another of my bloodless horror stories, something that attempts to disturb without graphic depictions of sex or violence.

The issue also features fiction by Shaun Hamilton, Anthony Ferguson, Gary Kemble, Rick McQuiston, Kia Groom, G. N. Braun, Eric Blair, A.J Brown, Jack Skelter, Ed Higgins, Ron Jon, Lee Battersby, Tom McLaughlin, Andrew J. McKiernan and Graham Masterton.  There's poetry by Michelle Scalise, Kurt Newton and Bec Mirr; art by Greg Hughes, Jason Paulos and Joshua Hoffine and a comic by Mark Farrugia and Greg Chapman.  There's also interviews with Graham Masterton, Joe R. Lansdale and Joshua Hoffine.  That's one-hundred and thirty pages for $1.99.

For those who are curious, I've got several more stories scheduled to appear in various magazines and podcasts in the coming months.  I've been working on lots of new stuff in the meanwhile as well.  I've also started working as the Assistant Website Editor for Black Gate, an amazing resource for anyone looking for information on the fantasy genre.  In between all of that, I'm honestly going to try updating this blog with a bit more frequency.  So stay tuned.