Monday, May 19, 2008

Dumplings review on

Last week, posted my review of Dumplings. On top of everything else I'm up to these days, I'm also hunting down disturbing films to review for the site. Thanks to Netflix, it's pretty easy for me to actually get these movies once I find out about them; but there's still that initial hunt for the title. Some day, I plan to write an article (or series of articles) on what drives certain people (like myself) to find these films. The standard argument of "dealing with fictional horrors helps us deal with real life horrors" just doesn't ring true. Also, disturbing films fall into a different category than horror films, although there is some crossover. Some of the films on my list of future reviews can fall under the categories of drama, romance and even (sadly) documentary.

It's a strange subject worth further exploration and, like everything else, may well become the starting point for a story of mine someday.