My Stories

She Sang the House Down
Some stories will never be told.
Vignettes from the End of the World (Apokrupha, April 2014)

White Faces
Even the worst monsters eventually become something we learn to live with.
Dark Moon Digest 15 (Dark Moon Books, April 2014)

Better Heard and Not Seen
The thing hiding in your closet is the least of your worries.
DarkFuse 1 (DarkFuse, March 2014)

A Banquet of Marionettes
Knowing it's just a dream doesn't make it any better.
Horror d'oeuvres (February 2014)

Unseen by Hands
A blind sculptress invites a stranger to her private gallery.
Nameless Magazine (December 2013)

The Worst Was Yet to Come
Sometimes, everyone's better off without a sequel.
Black Gate Online (May 20, 2013)

Coffee with Count Presto
There's a reason that magicians never reveal their secrets.
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet 28 (Small Beer Press, January 2013)

What Everybody Sees
An old man is visited by the ghost of his lost love.
Queer Fish 2 (Pink Narcissus Press, October 2012)

Her Words Make It Go Away
Sometimes, a whisper from a loved one is all we need.
One Buck Horror, Volume Five (, June 2012)

Parlour Party
Four people gather once a week to pay their respects.
Midnight Echo, Issue 7 (Australian Horror Writers Association, May 2012)

Dead Baby Day
It's that special holiday that we all pretend doesn't exist.
Shock Totem, Issue 4 (Shock Totem Publications, August 2011)

The Afterlife of Ellen Easterling
What do ghosts do when the living aren't around?
One Buck Horror, Volume Two (, July 2011)

Another End of the World
A stay-at-home mother juggles raising a son, saving her marriage and fending off an alien invasion.
War of the Worlds: Frontlines (Northern Frights Publishing, June 2010)

Return of the Zombie
A brief piece about the unforeseen dangers of raising the dead.
Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Presents: Flush Fiction (The Bathroom Readers' Institute, April 2012)
Everyday Weirdness (website, May 14 2009)

Midnight Cappuccino
Christmas Eve brings together a family separated by more than miles.
Dead Boys (Amazon & Smashwords, May 2013
Twilight Tales (website, January 2009)

Shadows on the Sand
One of my early homages to the horror anthology comics, this one with a beach theme.
Killer-Works (October 2008)

Wet Dog Perfume
A lonely man mourns the death of one friend as he makes another.
Dead Boys (Amazon & Smashwords, May 2013)
Tales to Terrify, Volume 1 (print, October 2012)
Tales to Terrify 28 (podcast, July 2012)
Hell in the Heartland (Annihilation Press, February 2008)

Cold Comfort
A prostitute visits the scene of a tragedy in order to render her own brand of absolution.
Dead Boys (Amazon & Smashwords, May 2013)
Book of Dead Things, 2nd Edition (Twilight Tales, June 2007)

Parable of the Lazy Rooster
A priest offers consolation and the most exotic drink on Earth.
Dead Boys (Amazon & Smashwords, May 2013)
Tales from the Red Lion, 2nd Edition (Twilight Tales, June 2007)

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SRM said...

Hey Michael,

Just wanted to let you know your story was one of my favourites in Vignettes. :)

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