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Some of you probably came to this site after reading one of my reviews on Black Gate. I've actually been writing reviews, on and off, since 2008.

Jill Cooper and Jude Mire offered me the opportunity to start a review column for their short-lived website back in 2008. The theme I was given initially was "disturbing films". So I gathered some of the most disturbing films I'd ever seen, starting with the one that "goes all the way": Cannibal Holocaust. I never did get into the habit of regular posting on that site and, frankly, there's only so much unrelenting darkness one can view before it begins to take its toll.

True Story: One of the films I reviewed actually made me throw up. Unfortunately, the site had already gone on indefinite hiatus by the time I managed to put together a review for that one.
The site's  last update was on May 18, 2010. Jill and Jude are still busy with all manner of new projects (as well as an extremely mobile little girl).

Cannibal Holocaust
The Night Porter
Mother of Tears
The Collector
The Seventh Victim
Johnny Got His Gun

I began editing posts for Black Gate back in May 2012, taking over from the esteemed C.S.E. Cooney. Big shoes to fill. After the first few months and some sporadic posting, I began what eventually became a thirty-post review on the origins and early days of Red Sonja

Mage I: The Hero Discovered
The Burnham Society
Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things
House of Black Wings
Mage II: The Hero Defined
The Land of Laughs
Helen Killer
Pet Shop of Horrors
In Defense of Red Sonja I: Not the Female Conan
In Defense of Red Sonja II: The Chain Mail Bikini
In Defense of Red Sonja III: The Vow
Marvel Feature 1
Marvel Feature 2
Marvel Feature 3
Marvel Feature 4
Marvel Feature 5
Marvel Feature 6
Marvel Feature 7 + Conan the Barbarian 66, 67 & 68
Red Sonja 1
Red Sonja 2
Red Sonja 3
Red Sonja 4
Red Sonja 5
Red Sonja 6
Red Sonja 7
Red Sonja 8
Red Sonja 9
Red Sonja 10
Red Sonja 11
Red Sonja 12
Red Sonja 13
Red Sonja 14
Red Sonja 15
Master of Shadows
Marvel Team-Up 79
Red Sonja: The Novels
Red Sonja: The Movie
Blue Sonja: The Last Red Sonja Post
The Book of Horrible Stories
It's Dark Inside

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