Friday, October 3, 2008

Shadows on the Sand

A few months ago, Killer-Works hosted a storytelling contest called, "Beach Blanket Bloodbath". The concept was to write a horror story set on a beach. Some stories nailed the concept dead on (like Martel Sardina or winner Bill Breedlove's stories), while others took it in a completely unexpected direction (such as the impressive story by Becky Heydeman set on a beach in Antarctica). There were lots of great pieces and, somehow, when the dust settled, I'd won second place.

"Shadows in the Sand" was one of the homages I've been doing for the past year regarding those old horror comic books that nobody seems interested in publishing any longer. Eventually, I'd like to gather a half-dozen or so of these supernatural revenge comedies into a chapbook or something. Someday ...

You can read it all this month on the flash fiction page of Killer-Works (and, honestly, what better month than October to be featured on that site). There are also plans to gather a number of the featured flash fiction pieces into a chapbook to be published next year. I'll let you know more when I hear about it.

And speaking of appropriate stories for October, all this month, Twilight Tales will have themed open mic events on every Monday. The themes will be The Dark Arts; Science Fiction; Ghosts, Goblins and Dead Guys; and finally The Monster Mash. I'm going to try writing a special piece for each of these nights; but whether or not I succeed, I will be there and would love to see a big crowd turn out. It's 7:30 every Monday night at The Mystic Celt (a block north of the Brown Line Southport exit).

Until later becomes yesterday ...