Saturday, October 6, 2012

FEWDIO Horror: Door 17

Honestly, I’m usually not a fan of erotic horror. Most of it is just rape fantasy. Maybe it’s a monster committing the rape. Maybe it’s a rape-and-revenge. Maybe it’s nothing but last year’s news with the names changed.

While Door 17 easily fits the category of erotic horror, the easy scare of depicting a sexual assault is avoided. A man visits a peep show and begins to negotiate with the performer about how much he gets to see. Since it’s a Fewdio film, he obviously gets far more than he paid for.

The finale was a nice twist ending with only one reservation. Personally, I would have found the video more disturbing if the supernatural element had been removed. It is, unfortunately, completely believable that people would do this sort of thing to one another and enjoy it.

You can check it out on Youtube. And if you want to support the people who make these films, consider picking up the DVD collection, Nightmare House.

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