Sunday, October 21, 2012

FEWDIO Horror: The Feed

This could have been a love story. This could have been a surreal love story. This could have been a supernatural love story. This could have been some quirky romantic love story. A man’s television is receiving the security camera feed from the lobby of an unknown apartment building. He spends his free time alternately looking for the building and watching the mysterious woman who is forever waiting in the lobby.

Had this been handled differently, the man in this film would have been nothing but a creepy stalker; but there is something innocent about watching a mysterious video feed that he has no control over. He’s curious about the video first, then the woman. I knew better than to expect a happy ending from Fewdio, but the story was rendered well enough that I would have forgiven a happy ending this one time.

The ending we get is a bit of a surprise, although it’s pretty clear something bad is going to happen when he finally finds the lobby he’s been watching. And while I generally like how these films don’t bog us down in exposition, this time the ending seems to really come from left field. You won’t expect this ending simply because nothing leading up to it suggests what’s going to happen.

So, strong characters, compelling storyline, but an unsatisfying ending.

You can check it out on Youtube or Fewdio. And if you want to support the people who make these films, consider picking up the DVD collection, Nightmare House.

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