Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cannibal Holocaust review on Killer-Works.com

Killer-Works.com has posted my review of the 1980 cult classic Cannibal Holocaust. It's the first of what I hope are many film reviews that I plan on submitting to them. Jill (the site's founder) required only that the films I reviewed would qualify as disturbing. Horror, science fiction, mystery, documentary, romance ... any genre, as long as it made the viewer uncomfortable. I've got a lifetime's backlog worth of movies that qualify and I look forward to re-visiting them and sharing what I've learned.

Otherwise, it's been a fair last couple of weeks. I'm still reeling a bit from finally getting my copy of Hell in the Heartland. It's great to have a story accepted, but it doesn't quite feel real until you're holding that book in your hands.

I also met Aaron Christenson, editor of Horror 101, a collection of 101 essays about horror movies. If you live in Chicago, you can pick up a copy at the Book Cellar. If not, you can order it through Midnight Marquee Press.

More later.

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